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Jan 1, 2013 6:00pm PST
you kill me? all you have to do is shove. about as much energy as punching a pack of cigarettes out of a machine. can you do it, kelly? >> that's all you can call it-- a sellout. i sold out to the other side. >> in the trade, it's called treason. >> they tortured me. i didn't have guts enough to bite on the cyanide capsule. and i try to live with it. >> yeah, well, most of what i know i learned from you, so i figure i owe you something. >> i'm not in a position to argue that. >> that's right. [foghorn blows] [cards being shuffled, dealt] >> how they knew about it, i'll never know. what they got from me was a little beauty, component for a miniaturized weapons control. i was delivering it to the man in honolulu. the department doesn't believe i gave it up because i cracked. they think i sold out. that's why they handed me the short straw. that's why... they want me dead anonymously 10,000 miles away. so why bother with questions and reasons and soul-searchings when all it needs is a death sentence in code to be executed by an old pal? >> russ? >> yeah? >> so far you haven't saved your l
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1